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Monday, November 21, 2011

Early Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Since this past summer, TDI 7.1 Fixpacks now include a number of new components. However, since they are dropped in the examples folder during fixpack updating and not under jars, they won't show up in the Add Component wizard until you make them available to your TDI installation. This can be done in a couple of ways, as I have outlined here.

To whet your appetite, here is a list of powerful new components provided under examples:
  • TPAE IF Connectors include a 'Simple' version which is comparable to the 'Generic Maximo Connector', although it has been extended to work with a broader range of MBOs. The other TPAE IF Connector (without 'Simple' in its name) further enhances integration capabilities to Maximo application data.
  • TPAE IF Change Detection Connector allows you to hook into change notifications coming from the Maximo integration framework, for catching and propagating new and modified data to any number of targets. And deletes.
  • File Management Connector is for reading and modifying file system structures and file system metadata. More specifically, it can create, find and delete files and directories. You still use the 'File System' Connector to work with file contents, but now you could iterate through a directory and load each returned filepath into a File System Connector (for example, in a Connector Loop) to process the file.
  • File Transfer Function component allows you to securely copy files between any two systems, either to or from a remote system, or between two remote systems.
  • JSON Parser allows you to read serialized JSON into the hierarchical Entry-Attribute-value model of TDI where you can use features like XPath searches and 'DOM tree walking' techniques to access and manipulate parsed objects. And of course to turn an hierarchical Entry into a JSON stream. Makes going from JSON to XML, and vice versa, a snap :)
Of course there are more components available under examples, like the RegExp Parser and Exchange Change Detection Connector, ready for eager hands to explore and put to good work. Each example folder also includes documentation on that component, as well as example Configs that can be imported into TDI and used to jump start their usage and understanding.

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