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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

If you want TDI to return mutliple values for an Attribute then you
just need to return a JavaScript array:

var mValues = Array();
mValues[0] = "first one";
mValues[1] = "second one";
mValues[2] = "you get the picture";

ret.value = mValues;

This would of course be in a scripted Attribute Map.

If it's just literal values you want to return (like objectClass) you can easily do it like this:

ret.value = ["top",

This method does not work when you are adding Attributes to an Entry directly from script. Then you need to either add values to an Attribute and then put it in the Entry:

myAtt = system.newAttribute("Selection");
myAtt.addValue("mynie moe");
work.setAttribute(myAtt); // works with any Entry

...or you add the Attribute and then the values to the Entry:

ent = system.newEntry();
ent.addAttributeValue("Selection","mynie moe");

If instead you want to take a multi-valued Attribute and return it as a comma separated string (as some APIs require), then you could do this using an Attribute Loop and a couple of AttMap components. However, the easiest way is with a snippet of script:

valStr = "";
for (i = 0; i < myMultiVarAttribute.size(); i++)
valStr += ";" + myMultiVarAttribute.getValue(i);
ret.value = valStr.substring(1); // get rid of the first ";"

If you need the values quoted then the script would be:

valStr = "";
for (i = 0; i < myMultiVarAttribute.size(); i++)
valStr += ";\"" + myMultiVarAttribute.getValue(i) + "\"";
ret.value = valStr.substring(1); // get rid of the first ";"

Of course, there could be a double quote (") in the value itself, in which case
you'd need to know how the target system wants this encoded. Perhaps simply by
wrapping the value in single quotes(?) I'd ask Google :)