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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TDI keyboard shortcuts

If you're like me then you're lazy. For example, I'd rather spend the 8 hours making an AssemblyLine than the 1 hour of tedious work it saved me from.

I'm also not fond of mousing about. To limit this while TDI'ing, I've opened Window > Preferences > Keys in TDI and bound the following shortcut keys in All Windows and Dialogs:

  • Ctrl+R - Run this AL
  • Ctrl+D - Debug this AL
  • Ctrl + Down Arrow - Step Over
  • Ctrl+Right Arrow - Step Into
  • Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow - Continue
  • Ctrl+C - Stop this AL run and/or debug session
  • ...
And I cycle between AL components by typing the first letter of their name.
So my index fingers never stray far from F and J. Then I can squeeze in a few more dev iterations.

And today it's -10C again. Gulf Stream where are you?!

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