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Thursday, August 20, 2009

TDI Elevator Pitch

I have been asked many times to write a blurb for a TDI event (e.g. a LabJam) or conference session, with specific instructions to not use much techie-speak. After numerous iterations, and much careful listening - particularly to our architect, Johan Varno - I'm relatively pleased with the following Why TDI? pitch:

Most organizations want to reduce risk, especially during tough times when investment in new IT dwindles and resources are redirected towards improving existing infrastructure. Given that infrastructures tend to be the result of evolution -- in other words, survival of the highest switching cost -- and that most evolutionary steps are painful, there is resistance to change.

Enter the agile development methodologies whose mission is to deliver value in stages so ROI can begin sooner and stakeholder feedback shapes each step. A mindset and approach that bridges the need for executive oversight with the uncertain realities of technical innovation/renovation. TDI is built for this purpose.

That's why TDI is bundled with a growing number of IBM products and being adopted by more and companies and integration professionals. It's a customization and deployment tool that uniquely 'closes the gap' between a product's feature list and client expectations. TDI's rapid try/test/refine approach helps reduce complex projects to manageable sprints, enabling continual risk re-assesment and course correction.

Comments, suggestions and even ridicule is anxiously awaited :)


Anonymous said...

Nice Eddie!


Eddie Hartman said...

Thanks, Boli. I have gotten some feedback and will be posting an updated version soon :)

And any suggestions are definitely welcome!