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Monday, March 2, 2015

Importing a client certificate from an https service

I have cobbled together a simple AL that can be run from the commandline in order to import a client certificate from an HTTPS service. For example:

ibmdisrv -c configs/tdiingOL.xml -r importcert -0

The above call results in this output (including the standard TDI is startup messages):

CTGDKD024I Remote API successfully started on port:1099, bound to:'SessionFactory'. SSL and Client Authentication are enabled. started on /sdi
CTGDIS1957I Added certificate with subject:, OU=MIS-US, O=Check Point Software Technologies Inc., L=San Carlos, ST=California, C=US.

As you can see from the commandline above, the config xml file (tdiingOL.xml) should be copied to the configs folder of your Solution Directory.

This config can be downloaded from here.

Note that you will need TDI 7.1.1 Fixpack 4, or SDI 7.2 Fixpack 2 in order for this to work.