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Monday, January 26, 2015

Passing arguments to your AL when launching it from the command-line

In the ibmdisrv command-line used to launch your AssemblyLine, you can use one of the user-defineable options -0 through -9 to pass information into the AL.

For example, in order to pass the name of an input file to the AssemblyLine named 'ReadFile' you could use this command-line:

  ibmdisrv -c MyConfig.xml -r ReadFile -0 c:/Input/HRExport.csv

Then in the Prolog - Before Initialize Hook of the File Iterator used to read this file you can retrieve the filename from the command-line argument and apply it to the 'filePath' parameter of the Connector like this:

  fileName = main.commandlineParam("0");
  thisConnector.connector.setParam("filePath", fileName);

Of course, you will also want to harden this code a little to deal with missing command-line option values, etc.