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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shortcuts to faster workflow

I'm an incremental developer - a habit formed by over a decade of TDI, as well as cutting my programming teeth on Turbo Pascal back in the day. To speed things up I have a number of keyboard shortcuts defined in TDI.

The main ones are:

  • Ctrl-R to run the current AL
  • Ctrl-D to debug it
  • Ctrl-DownArrow for Step Over
  • Ctrl-RightArrow for Step Into
  • Ctrl-Shift-DownArrow for Continue (to next breakpoint)
It's easy to set up. First click on the Windows menu and select Preferences. Then in the filter type keys. Select 'Keys' from the filtered list.

This gives you the keyboard shortcut editor. Now type assemblyline in the search field at the top.

Choose Debug AssemblyLine from the list, making sure it's the one for TDI, and add the shortcut. Note to select In Dialogs and Windows. Now do the same for Run AssemblyLine.

Now change the filter to step and choose Step Into and Step Over (again, making during they're for TDI operations). Finally filter on continue and bind that command.

After you press OK at the bottom of the editor dialog you are ready to quickly launch, debug and step your way to new solutions!

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