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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Power of the FormEntry Connector

I alluded to this in a previous post and would like to expand on it here. If you have ever been in the situation where you wanted to iterate over the xml nodes in the string value of an Attribute, or csv, or some other format, then you can solve this with JavaScript. I used to as well. Now I use the FormEntry Connector.

It's an Iterator that uses an attached Parser to read the text value you write/paste in its Config parameter (labeled 'Raw Text Data'). If you furthermore drop this Iterator into a Connector Loop, then you can map in the Connector Parameters you want, and then instruct the Loop to re-initialize and issue the search query, or just re-issue another query (no re-init).

So you map the Attribute value you want to parse as the assignment of the entryRawData parameter, attach your Parser, set up the Input Map and you're in business.

This Connector is standard issue with TDI 7.
The FormEntry.jar for TDI 6 is available for download here:

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