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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The TDI NNTP newsgroup has been out-of-order for a while now. There is a Google Group that mirrors all its content, plus has a good deal of its own activity:

It also has good spam filtering.

See you in the forums!


Unknown said...

Thanks, I always use the google group, but unfortunately it doesn't get get replicated to the IBM NNTP server. Any idea when both will be fully in sync?

Before you ask, I cannot access the NNTP server from work or home, access is blocked.


Unknown said...

Hey Eddie, any chance of sorting out the replication from NNTP to Google. News server access is not working from work or home?
Cheers, Emilio.

Eddie Hartman said...

Bi-directional sync would be nice, Emilio. We could even do it with TDI, if we just had the Connectors (and authorized access).

Use whichever works :)